BuzzTV Version 2.0 (247) – XPL Series | XPL 3000 | XPL 3000 Basic V2 | XPL 3000M | XPL 3900

VERSION 2.0 (247) 14th FEBRUARY 2019

BUZZ TV XPL 3000 BASIC V2 | XPL 3000 | XPL 3000M | XPL 3900

1. Fixed VOD/TV Series Bugs
2. Fixed VOD/TV Series Search
3. Fixed blank channel list issues on some portals
4. Fixed blank Adult Category Issue
5. Fixed recording issue on Default player, not recording properly on some portals
6. Fixed Organised Favourites issues
7. Fixed TV Series Episode 1 Issue
8. Fixed VOD-TV Shows Playing Wrong Episode
9. Fixed EPG Scheduled Recording Not Working
10. CC Fixed on Secondary Player
11. Fixed some TV Series/TV Shows issue where it was not going back to the right spot when going backwards in the menu
12. Optimised the players for some reported freezing issues
13. Added Optimisations to make the app run faster
14. Fixed some screen size issues on Live TV

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