About Us
Who we are
Kuul Media is proud to be the Official Representative for all Buzztv products and services. We work closely with Buzztv in ensuring high standards in quality, service, end-user experience is delivered to all our customers and dealers.
our strength
  • BuzzTV has been making STB’s for more than 10 years, specializing in the field of IPTV development since 2013. We are an end to end company putting our best foot forward to design high end software and hardware. From conception, manufacturing and programming, to client support once you hit the market.
  • We strive to create a strong relationship with every company we work with. This can only be accomplished through transparency and dedication during the creation process. At BuzzTV, we are committed to your needs and ensure that you are involved every step of the way during development.
  • Part of our goal is to provide a low cost, high end solution for every aspect of your technological requirements. We utilise the latest in programming and security practices, because its not just about making a great product, but also to protect your content in a safe environment.