Privacy Policy

“Kuul Media” is the trading name of Kuul Limited (we) are the official representative of “BuzzTV” brand. The data protection and privacy policies of BuzzTV are based on the:

i. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of Europe (EU 2016/679).

ii. Any extension legislation of the GDPR or the Data Protection Act of 1998 (Data Protection Legislation).

iii. Any other laws implemented nationally in the UK and their secondary legislation.

1. Introduction

The policies mentioned here, reflect how we make use of your data and what measures we take to protect it. These data are provided to us via BuzzTV’s official website for UK and/or other partner websites through which we serve you.

“BuzzTV” and “Kuul Media” are based in the United Kingdom, and we operate our supply chain process from the United Kingdom itself and process and use the personal as well as public data of our customers, contacts, and visitors of and websites.

2. Personal Data and the Reasons for Collection

As per the Data Protection Legislation, personal/public information of an individual is provided to us via the means of our website(s), email, telephone or any other medium. As clearly defined in the Data Protection Legislations, we act as a data controller of your personal/public information and utilise the same data explicitly for the sake of catering you with the demanded product/service by you.

Following is a general group of data about you, used, stored and/or transferred by us:

  • Identification Information: it includes names, usernames, photos, job title, title or similar identifiers.
  • Contact Information: it includes mailing/billing address, email address, and telephone numbers.
  • Financial Information: it includes your payment card details and general bank account information.
  • Transactional Information: it includes your purchase history, payment reference IDs, payment mode, payment method, and other related data.
  • Marketing and Communication Information: it includes your preferred communication methods, marketing, and survey preferences.
  • Other Information: it includes but not limited to the additional information you chose to share with us and usage data like IP address, User Agent and Cookies.

We don’t use process, collect or share any other kind of personal or public data of yours (this includes but not limited to the details about your race or ethnicity, trade union membership, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual life, criminal convictions, sexual orientation, political opinions, information about your health and genetic and biometric data).

3. Data collection methodologies

We employ many different ways to collect your personal and public data, out of which following two are the most prominent ones:

a. Direct Interactions: You may provide us your Identity, Contact and Financial details by submitting forms to us or via phone, email, chatbox etc. This happens when you:

  • Register and/or Login on our website(s).
  • Send us some feedback.
  • Participate in and submit a survey.
  • Buy/rent our services and/or products.

b. Technical Method: Your public information like IP address, User Agent, Browser’s information etc. are collected via our website(s) to serve you the best possible version of our website(s) and to carry out some processes required.

4. Which data is used for what?

Following a general explanation for how we process your data. Please note, there could be other lawful uses too.


Purpose Type of Data Reason
Account Registration and Login i. Identification Information
ii. Contact information
Performing and providing you services.
Handling payments and charges; collecting and/or recovering money owed to us; contacting you; providing support; i. Identification information
ii. Contact information
iii. Financial information
iv. Transactional information
Performing a service important for our interests.
Improving our business performance and assessing customer satisfaction i. Identification Information
ii. Contact information
To improve our products and services to cater you in better ways.

5. Change of purpose(s)

Your data is used only for the purpose(s) it is collected for. However, we can use the same set of data for other relevant and/or different (but legal) purposes. You’ll be notified, if any of your data is planned to be used for a different purpose(s), you may then contact us to get a comprehensive legal explanation for the same. Your data can also be used and processed by us without your knowledge or permission until permitted by law.

6. Data Sharing

Personal/Public data collected by us according to these privacy policies can be shared with other partner organisations/institutions as per follows:

  • International member organizations;
  • Third party debt recovering agencies.
  • For protecting the safety, rights or properties of us and/or our customers, your data can be shared with fraud protection agencies and other government bodies as allowed and required by the law.
  • To comply with legal obligations and/or to enforce our terms & conditions and our any such agreements, we can disclose your personal data with appropriate authorities, as allowed and/or required by the law.
  • Your personal data can be shared with the new owners of our business or future subsidiaries of this business for the same purposes as we do currently, as set out this page.

7. Methods of storing your personal data

For secure storage of your personal data, some or all of them are stored in an encrypted or hashed format on high-security machines, to ensure that your data is not lost, used or stolen in an unauthorized way. For safeguarding your identity and interests, our third party associates are allowed to use your data by our consent with a set of instructions set out by us and are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

8. Data storage duration

Your personal/public data is stored with us for as long as they are required to perform the action they are collected for, this also includes retaining the data satisfying any legal and accounting requirements. Your data is retained on the basis of our internal data storage requirements and procedures which are determined by many internal and external factors; due to these data storage duration is subject to change.

9. Your rights

As per the Data Protection Legislation in relation to your personal data you have the following rights:

  • Request access to only your personal data;
  • Request correction in only your personal data;
  • Request removal of only your personal data to a reasonable extent;
  • Objection to the processing of only your personal data;
  • Request to apply restrictions on processing of only your personal data;
  • Request transfer of only your personal data; and
  • Right to withdraw consent.

Email us at to exercise your above-mentioned rights. When you exercise your right to request for the removal of your personal data, it’ll be in accordance with our internal data retention policies, also note that after a successful personal data removal of yours, it cannot be recovered in any way, so if you want, as for your personal data to be shared with you before we delete it permanently.

10. Children

We do not collect or process the personal data of the individual below the age of 18 years and will delete the same as soon as we recognise it.

11. Complaints

You have the right to complain about how we used, stored or processed your data, in order to exercise this right, simply email us at

12. Changes in these policies

As and when, something is changed or added/removed in/from our privacy policy, it’ll be posted here as earliest as possible and such updates will also be emailed to the registered email address of yours, we will obtain your permission too in accordance to the new privacy policy if required by the law. For various reasons, it is crucial to keep your registered profile updated with accurate information; it is your duty to do so.